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cherry juice

Cherry is one of the most, if not the most, desired and consumed red fruits. Its peculiar mixture of sweetness and bitterness make it a very special bite. In addition, it is full of nutrients and properties for the organism that can be used in various ways.

If there is a perfect format to enjoy said benefits, it is juice. Cherry juice offers us the best of its flavour and properties concentrated in a magnificent drink that can be used in many ways as well as in numerous recipes and combinations.




Among the properties found in cherry juice we find anti-inflammatory qualities and substances that protect from cardiovascular diseases. This is due to anthocyanin found in cherries. This is one of the reasons why cherry juice is recommended for people at risk of suffering from these cardiopathies.

Cherry juice, available at Valencia Orange, is created for an easy integration in the beverage and food industry sector. In this fashion, it preserves all the nutrients of cherries unaltered, intensifying its flavour. In addition, it is a juice full of antioxidants, perfect to recover from training routines.




Uses and applications of cherry juice in the beverage and food industry are many and very varied. Of course, the main and most widespread use is its commercialisation in order to be consumed as juice. However, this juice can be used to create different meals and drinks.

Its use in the cocktail industry is very common, as its sweet flavour provides an essential touch to certain cocktails. It is also frequent to use cherry juice to make dressing sauces for readymade meals, whether sweet or salty, as the acid spark of cherry goes hand in hand with numerous recipes.

In Valencia Orange we have cherry juice and concentrated cherry juice, as well as organic cherry juice. You can access our catalogue to check all of our juices. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.