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Whole mandarin

The naturally extracted pulp from citrus fruits is a very valuable element to complement or give shape to liquid or solid products, adding a special taste at the same time, it adds a boost of both flavour and nutritional benefits.

Among the citrus varieties, we highlight mandarin cells, which is a powerful component in the preparation of juices, concentrates or beverages.


Now available in the Valencia Orange catalogue, mandarin cells are extracted carefully to maintain their texture and quality to the maximum. For this reason, mandarin cells are an ideal complement for the preparation of beverages.

The applications include a varied range of preparations. Thus, the mandarin cells offered in Valencia Orange apply to juices, conventional or organic, and beverages that aim for a touch of the pulp’s unique feeling.

As a result, any beverage or food company in the industrial sector can benefit from our mandarin orange cells.


It is of vital importance to treat the product properly and carefully throughout the process so that the raw material’s quality is not damaged and the client benefits from high product quality

After the pulp is extracted from the mandarin’s, always to get the best quality, we fill the pulp in aseptic drums of different sizes to preserve its condition and integrity. regarding the packaging, we also offer a different choice to fill up the needs of our customers.

In Valencia Orange, we can supply mandarin orange cells, as well as cells of other citrus fruits. Check out more options in our catalogue. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us through the form on our website.