July 29, 2021 admin


cut lemon

In the citrus group, the lemon offers a wide range of opportunities in various sectors of the food industry. The vitamins and minerals in lemons are equally useful when they are combined with other products, helping to improve the flavour of these ingredients.

The lemon concentrate is one of the solutions we offer at Valencia Orange and is an ideal selection for many food companies that are looking for a concentrate of the highest quality.


The lemon concentrate has excellent aromatic and flavour properties that make it perfect for food seasoning. This great ally, when used in combination with other products, makes a tasty complement that improves any recipe.

Lemon concentrate provides a rich source of dressings for a variety of salads. In this way, it is a perfect ingredient for companies in the industrial food sector that are seeking quality solutions, at a competitive price and maintaining the same characteristics of the natural flavour of the original product.


The lemon concentrate has other applications that are highly recommended for the food industry, such as the sauce preparation for meat products or fish seasoning, either in ready meals or as an ingredient for its own use.

At Valencia Orange, we offer lemon concentrate in different types and sizes, as well as other citrus fruit concentrates. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.