Vertical integration.

VO has a great control over all the production chain, from the fields with major collaboration agreements with the main Spanish citric, apple, grape and stone fruit cooperatives, to the production in one of the most cutting-edge factories in Europe, including logistics to every harbor worldwide.

High technology and innovation.

VO has a great R&D team which allows us to successfully offer customized solutions to the food industry.

Complete and integrated solution.

From VO we offer from commodities, to products with high added value. Tailored made, providing saving in formulations by optimizing cost and products, recipes development, shortages improvements, added value in the products, ingredients search.


With more than twenty years experience in the sector, and after distributing in more than 50 countries, Valencia Orange is able to offer local solution in a smart and swift way.

Valencia Orange thinks globally and acts locally.

In VO we have regional offices with local people available 24/7, with 365 days support.

With more than twenty years experience in the sector, VO is a family firm, with central offices in Valencia, Spain.
VO has a vast vertical integration, having great control over all the principal stages until the product reaches the costumer.
The VO group holds 3 main divisions:

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