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whole prunes

Via its juicy pulp, the plum is a delicious summer fruit that provides us with a large healthy and nutritional value. Combined with its taste, an appealing option for the production of several industrial products.

As well as in our catalogue, Valencia Orange provides a wide range of frozen and prepared Pulm for direct use in the food and beverage industry, including frozen plums.


At Valencia Orange, we are fully aware of the importance of the product’s quality from the very beginning to the very last detail. Therefore, we seek to select the best raw material and treat it in such a high quality that its properties and benefits are always guaranteed. We accomplish this by using the IQF method for our prunes.

This is the reason why the whole plums or plum halves that we offer to the industry can be used for juices and concentrates, smoothies, as well as it, is also suitable for making jams to accompany yoghurts or as a filling for pastries. In fact, it offers a wide range of possibilities to produces high-quality products.


Valencia Orange also provides plum purees in various formats: puree, organic puree and concentrated puree. Tasty and nutritionally dense at the same time, they are manufactured for application and use in the food and beverage industry.

In Valencia Orange, we offer frozen plums, whole or in halves, plum puree, organic plum puree or concentrated plum puree, as well as other fruits prepared or in a puree. If you would like further information about our frozen plums or other fruits, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.