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apricot in halves

The apricot is a delicious small fruit, with a typical flavour. Its special qualities make it a portion of highly nutritious food, which can be used in a large variety of preparations, recipes and combinations.

Similar in appearance to the peach, the apricot is a smaller fruit whose sweetness stands out, making it an appealing fruit that is a pleasure to eat and to offer on the market. At Valencia Orange, we offer different solutions for the food industry, from liquid forms to apricot portions.


The properties of fruit such as the apricot are extremely beneficial for our bodies. Its easiness of use in different preparations means that it can be used without any kind of problem. For example, through the apricot halves that we offer at Valencia Orange.

The deep-freezing used ensures that it is a product that preserves all its qualities. Ideal for processing in the preparation of other derived products such as juices or purees, apricot halves is very useful for use, for example, in confectionery.


One of the popular forms on the market is the apricot cubes. The combinations that our apricot cubes offer are multitudinous, from their inclusion in cereal mixes with muesli to be the topping for different preparations.

Finally, at Valencia Orange, we offer our customers soft apricot pieces that have been specially treated for dairy products such as the previously mentioned yoghurt, ice cream or even savoury products.

At Valencia Orange, we offer different formats of apricot pieces, such as the ones mentioned above, as well as different types of fruit. If you want to get more further details about our apricot halves or apricot cubes, please contact us through our contact form.