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Banana is a fruit that draws attention not only for its appearance but also for its characteristics. In bananas we find great quantities of certain nutrients that are not as abundant in other fruits, potassium for example. To make the most out of it, one of the best formats is banana puree.

Banana puree is easy to introduce into multitude of applications, recipes and even packaging formats, being an ideal meal to integrate in the food industry sector. Owing to its versatility and its properties, we can safely say it is one of the most complete purees out there.



The flavour of banana puree stands out due to its similarity, also in texture, to ripe bananas. Its unique sweetness, along with the great amount of potassium it provides, make banana puree an outstanding food. In addition, its consistency makes the packaging of a great number of formats very easy, so that it is possible  to sell it at an industrial level to various segments of the population.

These characteristics make banana puree, available in Valencia Orange’s catalogue, a meal that fits all sorts of diets, above all diets for athletes. Despite that, we cannot make the mistake of solely linking bananas to its benefits in sport, as its properties are of great use to other groups of the population.



Banana puree, among other uses, serves as an ingredient in a variety of products, for instance, dairy products. Banana puree mixes perfectly with shakes, yogurts and other types of similar desserts. Therefore, it stands out as an interesting addition to the industrial sector of food and beverages.

There are more food areas which perfectly suit the banana puree. Without going into further detail, confectionery is the ideal field for its use. Taking into account the types of food that come from confectionery, the banana puree is an element which adds some flavour sparks that add a quality plus. That differential point, for example, that  the cakes and filled pies have  with our tasty puree.



Thanks to Valencia Orange you can enjoy the best quality banana puree, with all its nutrients and properties unaltered. In addition, in our catalogue you will find bananas in other formats, such as organic banana puree or banana concentrated juice.