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It is widely known that from certain fruits and vegetables can be extracted items and applications very different from each other. Among all this variety, we can highlight the orange as one of the fruits with more beneficial derivatives, among which the orange essential oil stands out.

The uses of orange essential oil, for sale in Valencia Orange for the food industry, the beverage and cosmetics sectors, cover different aspects of our bodies, both in an internal and external level. Because of that, it is one of the oils with more varied effects that we can find.



The orange essential oil has interesting effects in the field of beauty and caretaking. We are talking about a basic product in the cosmetics industry, useful to prepare products aimed to get good skin health.

Drops of orange essential oil, which you can find in Valencia Orange catalog are beneficial to the creation of collagen. Among its applications, we can highlight the great combination that it makes with anti-aging creams, or moisturizer lotions, adding a plus to the mixing.



To explain the effects in health, we must continue in the skincare path. The orange essential oil is good to fight acne and dermatitis. To explore other fields which are further from the surface in relation with its benefits, we must highlight its relaxing and antidepressant  effects, perfect to take advantage of  through aromatherapy products.

With orange essential oil, available in the catalog of Valencia Orange, can be prepared different applications aimed at the area of massage therapy. Our orange essential oil is easily used in body massages, so it has antispasmodic properties. Moreover, it offers the chance of preparing relaxing items for spas or therapeutic baths.

Ultimately, the universe of orange essential oil has numerous possibilities. You can find orange essential oil in Valencia Orange, together with other essential oils  as the lemon essential oil or the pink pomegranate essential oil. Do not hesitate to visit our catalog or consult any query through our form.