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The strawberry is a sweet fruit with an acid touch. In spite of its small size, the strawberry is full of benefits for the body. Its pluses range from a high vitamin content to also high mineral percentages. Due to this, the strawberry is a fruit with enormous uses.

Among the preparations that can be made with strawberries, there is one that highlights because of the mixing options which it offers in the  food industry sector: the strawberry puree.


In the food industry area the strawberry puree is an essential partner in numerous recipes and preparations in the kitchen.

In fact, in the world of confectionery the strawberry puree is used to pair with tasty sponge cakes as well as to decorate delicious cakes or be used as garnish for little sweets.

In Valencia Orange, we care about offering healthy, competitive and quality products for the area of the food and beverage industry. This way, we ensure that the properties and benefits of the strawberry are maintained in every format.


The strawberry puree applications do not end in the area of the confectionery industry, its uses can be combined with other preparate food, as for example, dairy products.

In the case of yoghurts, thanks to the strawberry puree its flavour is enhanced, adding a hint of sweetness and acidity to achieve a tasty and healthy bite for breakfasts or desserts.

Ice creams can also take advantage from the strawberry puree virtues, since it is in the area of dairy products where the strawberry puree has a special place.

In Valencia Orange we have strawberry to be used in the food and beverage industry in different formats: strawberry puree concentrate , strawberry puree with seeds and without seeds or strawberry organic puree.


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