June 3, 2021 admin


frozen puree drum

In the food industry, there are several points that need to be taken into consideration and be aware of, from the first request of our client till the delivery of the order. Valencia Orange takes care of all the process.

As a manufacturer of frozen food and beverage products, we ensure that our products are packaged and transported in perfect condition. The quality of our food is the main key from the moment it will leave our facilities until it reaches our main priority Customers.

The most known format utilized for the packaging in this sector is aseptic or frozen drums.



At Valencia Orange we work with fruits and vegetables, foods with specific and important properties that require a delicate treatment in any process applied to them. That’s why we choose the most advanced methods on the market for our product, giving priority to quality by maintaining its benefits and flavor.

In Valencia Orange we utilize aseptic or frozen drums, to achieve high quality in the preservation of the product. The packaging is sterilised and filled. Once this process has been completed, the drums are hermetically sealed.



For the customer’s practicality, Valencia Orange offers a list of options so that the size can be adapted to his needs. Whatever the option selected, we offer the same packaging, aseptic and frozen drums of 180 kilos, 215 kilos, 240 kilos and 260 kilos.

If you are interested in finding out more about our aseptic or frozen drums or any of our other packaging processes, please feel free to contact us by filling our enquiry form.