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organic apple pureeApple is an acid fruit with a sweet flavour which, among its numerous features, counts with the versatility of being adaptable to an endless list of recipes and food. Thanks to that, the possibility of generating derived products is high, and from Valencia Orange we know how to take advantage of it.

With our apple formats, the food industry can benefit from the proprieties of this delicious fruit. Precisely, the organic apple puree, for sale in Valencia Orange, is the perfect product to accompany ready made dishes, to be used in confectionery or in products for the youngest family members.


One of the strongest points of Valencia Orange’s organic apple puree is its quality.

Due to its organic status, its content is absolutely healthy and perfect for the preparation of baby food. This way, we can accomplish rich mashes for toddlers and babies, combining our puree to other organic fruit options.

The texture of the organic apple puree offered in Valencia Orange makes it easy to treat in order to produce different products, from the cake coating to filling in pastries.Furthermore, our formats are packed in comfortable packings that ensure the preservation of their properties.


It is widely known that the apple flavour perfectly suits with meat and other savoury products, also that the apple organic puree adds quality and healthy benefits to that versatility. This food is thought to be used in the whole food sector.

In Valencia Orange you can find organic apple puree apart from other organic products. If you want to know more about our products, you can visit the catalog on our webpage. For more information, we are at your disposal by simply filling our form contact.