January 22, 2021 admin


aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a well known plant because of the possibilities it offers in health standards. Its features turn it into a great ally to fight different types of conditions. Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, there are many ways of taking advantage from aloe vera’s benefits.

In Valencia Orange we work with frozen aloe vera dices to provide solutions to the area of the food and beverage industry. In this case, it is also a useful product for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.


Frozen aloe vera dices, available in Valencia Orange, is perfect for putting together cosmetic formulas intended for skin care. Among its functions we found the skin regeneration, acne-fighting or the stretch mark treatment.

The cosmetic benefit of frozen aloe vera in dices ranges beyond the skin surface. With this plant can be made several products for hair care or to treat the gingivitis and mouth sores due to its antiseptic properties.


In the food sector, as well as in the beverage one, the aloe vera also offers many possibilities. Our aloe vera format in frozen dices is perfect for the preparation of depurative juices, by being added to certain fruits or vegetables it creates a highly delicious and nutritious mix.

On the other hand, the aloe vera is a great food supplement which, joined to other foods, is capable of providing these with some touches of flavour and adding its benefits at the same time. It can also be prepared as healthy teas to leverage all its properties.

In Valencia Orange we have frozen aloe vera dices for the food and beverage industry. You can visit the catalog of Valencia Orange to know more about our prepared fruit, and  inquire with us using the information form.