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lemons beverage

Lemon is a citrus fruit which perfectly combines with any other food. It can be used in different ways and in several formats. It has many applications and in each of them its advantages highlight and enhance the virtues of the food that it accompanies.

Whether in liquid formats, essential oils or prepared fruit formats. In this post we are going to focus on the advantages and possibilities in the food industry that Valencia Orange’s lemon in liquid format offers.



One of the formats with a higher demand in the food and beverage industry is the lemon concentrate. It is useful as a base in the production of different products marketable in several areas in the food industry.

Valencia Orange’s lemon concentrate is perfect to prepare lemon drinks made of lemon concentrate, because we are talking about the best quality product which encapsulates the intense flavour of lemon, adding scent and a spark to any following preparation.

Whether they are energetic drinks, industrial lemonades, smoothies or cocktails drinks, our lemon concentrate has the perfect proportions to bring out the best things of every product.



Apart from the lemon concentrate, in Valencia Orange we offer other products as the lemon juice. This is a great choice for companies and distribution companies of the beverage industry sector. This way, they can supply the highest quality lemon juice in different containers according to the demand.

The lemon puree is also another flagship product among the non-solid preparates we work with, not only with this citrus fruit concretely but also with the other fruit available in general. Our lemon puree is perfect to enhance rich mashes for baby food, among other applications.



To know more about the lemon concentrate, lemon juice or lemon puree, and other related formats of this fruit and others from the citrus family, do not hesitate to visit our webpage. In it, you will find all the information in the catalog.

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