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concentrated grape_variety

Fruits usually have features, which further from the benefits, offer a range of flavour and scent values perfect to bring out the best of different recipes and food. This combination gives us great surprises in the food industry sector. White grape and red grape are the greatest providers to this effect.

Either in confectionery or in ready-made dishes for sauces, in the preparation of mixed juices with other liquids or as a dressing, the concentrated grape is special for the preparation in the food industry sector.



In Valencia Orange we always focus on the needs of companies which develop their activity in the food and beverage industry, consequently we supply different types of grape concentrate.

Following a strict production and packing process, we are concerned at every time for the caring of the final product, upholding the white grape or red grape flavour purity, packing the concentrate in a responsible and practical way for our customers. This way, the following product treatment is easier.



Our white grape and red grape concentrate is perfect for the preparation of products as the ones we can find in the confectionery universe. Without excesses in the addings, preserving a real flavour and scent and a useful texture for its treatment, concentrated grape by Valencia Orange is a unique industrial option.

As it is useful for confectionery, it is also useful for the preparation of fillings for hot dishes, as a dressing sauce or as cover for baked goods. Furthermore, our concentrate is so pure that with a ouch of it you can achieve a refreshing spark and sweet in any mixed juice.



In Valencia Orange you can find different types of grape concentrate, as the concentrated juice and the cloudy white grape concentrate, a variety of easy combination with other beverage or fruit juices, which you can find in our catalog.

The same way you will find in our catalog concentrate juices and cloudy red grape concentrate. Do not hesitate to contact through the form to know more about these products.