In Valencia Orange we produce fruit prepared in pieces and soft, mainly for yogurts, ice creams, confectionery and tasty products. We use conventional and ecological fruit and we are committed to keep up the highest quality levels in both cases.


From Valencia Orange we offer the best and most cutting.edge ingredients to get a tailored and unique fruit preparation: with antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, ginger, yuzu, curcuma…Which one is it for you?


Our concentrates are used in different applications

Yogurt preparations

Apricot, cherry, pineapple, orange, coconut, fig, strawberry, kiwi, raspberry, lime, lemon, lychee, tangerine, mango fruit, passion fruit, apple, pomegranate, melon, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, papaya, pear, peach, plums, grapes.

And to drink something hot…

Caramel, toffee, coffee, rum, pear-cinnamon, apple, chantilly cream, nuts, cereals, pear-chocolate, chestnut puree, amaretto, honey-nuts.

Ice-creams preparations

Pineapple, banana, raspberry, cação bahia, citrus fruits mix, coconut, wild berries, kiwi, mango fruit, passion fruit, melon, candied chestnuts, orange peel, blackberry, strawberry, tropical, yellow peach.

Amaretto, cacao, caramel, red fruits, hazelnuts, kiwi, mango fruit, passion fruit, papaya, rum, cherries, strawberry, vanilla, Irish cream, whipped cream, raspberry, blueberry.

Confectionery preparations

Possible pre-oven uses:
injection (cookies, ring-shaped breadsticks, confectionery, croissants…), extrusion(cakes, cookies, decorations…)

injection (croissants, cookies, plum…) extrusion (cookies, decorations…)

For pastry:
Cookies, confectionery

Savoury products preparations

Image Image


We provide a variety of packaging options:


The option includes a stainless steel container weighing between 800 and 900 kg.

Aseptic package

Ready to use, no defrosting required
Available in the following formats:
Aseptic bag in metal drum – weight: 200-220 Kg
Aseptic bag in specific drum – weight: 900 – 1.000 Kg
Aseptic bag in cardboard box or metal drum (10 bags/drum) – weight: 20 Kg
It is recommended to store it in a refrigerated place.


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