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The lime is a small citrus fruit whose pulp contains a nutritious and acid juice, full of vitamins and minerals. Its low caloric level makes it the perfect citrus fruit to be consumed in several ways since its particular flavour is easy to combine.

One of the most versatile formats of this citric is the lime concentrate. It contains all the lime’s benefits, its high containment in vitamin C and its different minerals, boosting the acid taste that characterizes it.


The lime’s characteristics allow its combination with different food. To begin with, its high water volume eases its mixture with other drinks. Due to this, the lime concentrate is an ideal product for the cocktail industry and the beverage sector.

Conversely, thanks to the high volume in minerals which possess, as the potassium, is very recommendable in routines for demanding sports men. Furthermore, lime concentrate’s satiating power is another added value to be taken into account in healthy diets and to accompany sport efforts.

For these reasons, the lime concentrate is an ally to be taken into account in the food industry when it comes to making energetic products as enhancing or isotonic drinks.


The benefits of lime concentrate are not only profitable in the beverage sector, but also is greatly useful in several food combinations. If we take into account the multiple properties of the lime, it stands out that the lime concentrate is a great incentive for desserts, as an example.

This way, we can find out interesting mixings by joining the lime concentrate with dairy desserts or ice creams.  In this example, the lime concentrate not only  adds its benefits and properties but it also is a flavour enhancer.

In the case of juices or fruit cocktails with or without dairy products, the lime concentrate is also  a flavour enhancer and at the same time it boosts the mix properties. Thus, its uses in the food industry are many.


In Valencia Orange we want to facilitate everything to our customers, offering different options so they can choose the lime format which adapts better to its market and needs. It is available juice concentrate cloudy or juice concentrate clear. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of frozen fruit and vegetables, as the pink grapefruit concentrate or the orange concentrate.

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